Black Friday– Cyber Monday

The best deal you’ll ever get on custom t-shirts.

(And if it’s not the best deal, then maybe it’s the coolest.)

This holiday season is a special time to get an awesome deal on custom t-shirts.

Whether you’re outfitting your company, your team, or a group of pointy-eared helpers that help in your workshop, we can help you get outfitted right AND get you an awesome gift!

How This Works

Fill out the order form

Scroll down (or just the button below) to get to the form. Put in your t-shirt order, add your credit card info for a deposit, and get excited about your reward!

Finalize your order

Within the 24 hours (or so), a member of the Blink Tees team (probably Jeff) will contact you to complete your order and take a final payment.

Get your awesome stuff

Your reward will ship once the final payment goes through. Your t-shirt order will go into production and ship as soon as possible.


The following items are all things we are actually giving away.
No joke.

30oz YETI Rambler

25-99 Shirts

Apple AirPod Pro

100-499 Shirts

Apple iPad Pro

500-4,999 Shirts

1 Bitcoin

5,000-29,999 Shirts

Tesla Model 3

30,000+ Shirts

Order Form

Oh no! This form has expired. If you think there's a problem, send a message to jeff@blinktees.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really giving away a Tesla? What's the catch?

We would love to give away 100 Tesla Model 3’s if we get 100 qualifying orders.

There is not catch other than you have to place and complete payment for your order for 30,000+ t-shirts.

It’s that easy.

How much are the shirts?

First, let’s start by saying that this deal is specifically for an excellent quality shirt by Bella + Canvas. This is the shirt we recommend to all of our customers because they are super nice, super soft, and really comfortable. They are not the cheapest shirt we can give to our customers — but they are the best for the price. Just keep that in mind if you’re price-matching us with a lower quality shirt.

Below is a table that shows basic price by quantity. Not included are all of the little things that could make a shirt cost more — multiple colors, multiple print locations, long sleeves, etc. We just thought it would be good to give you and idea of what the prices might be like.


Price Breaks by Quantity
Quantity 25 100 500 1,500 5,000 30,000
Price $11.20 $7.80 $6.80 $6.75 $6.70 $6.70

Final pricing will be available once our team has been able to finalize your order.

What if I don't know how to answer a question in the order form?

If you’re really wanting to place an order but don’t know how to answer one question, don’t sweat it. Put in whatever you like. We’ll sort it out later. Just get your order in.

If I'm ordering 500 shirts, can I have different designs printed on them?

Yes! Orders over 500 split up!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Orders over 500 can be split into 2 orders.
  • Orders over 5,000 can be split into 5 orders.
  • Orders of 30,000 or more can be split into 10 orders.

With that said, if you’re looking to split a larger order and you’re not sure how it will go, send an email to sales@blinktees.com and we’ll do our best to work with you.

What payment is required when I place my order?

All orders require a 10% deposit of the estimated cost (which does not include taxes or shipping costs). The deposit locks in your order. Then you will follow up with a member of the Blink Tees team to finalize your order details and make the remainder of the payment. This will happen in the next 5-7 business days.

What if I don't want a specific prize?

If you don’t like the reward at your order level, you are welcome to downgrade and get 2 rewards from the level below you.

So if you’re order 5,000 shirts and really don’t want a Bitcoin, we can send you 2 iPad Pros — nbd.

You can also just request the cash payout as listed in the rules and conditions. But that’s only if you really want to. We would prefer to give you a gift (because ’tis the season), but whatever. It’s your call.

Can this offer be extended?

You’re looking to break the rules, huh? Well, lucky for you — we like making exceptions.

If you’re having trouble getting an approval or finding it difficult placing an order in the midst of the bustle of the holiday, reach out to us at sales@blinktees.com and we’ll see what we can do.

If I change my mind after I place the initial order, can I get my money back?

Yes. We can always refund your money if you change your mind. There may be a small processing fee depending on how long after the transaction you cancel, but we’ll do our best to try to avoid those things. We want you to be happy and excited about your purchase. If you’re not, we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

Rules and Conditions

Qualifying Purchases
Offer applies to all orders placed from within the United States at blinktees.com/blackfriday between 12:00:01 AM, Friday, November 29, 2019-11:59:59 PM, Monday, December 2, 2019.
Minimum order quantity must be greater than 25. Maximum order quantity must be smaller than 100,000.
Orders are limited to the Bella Canvas 3001 short-sleeve t-shirt and the Bella Canvas 3501 long-sleeve t-shirt.
Eligible only to purchases made in the contiguous 48 United States.
Order cannot be combined with any other coupon or promotion.

The price shown when placing an order is an estimate and does not include shipping costs. The final price may vary slightly. If the variance is an issue, please let us know before requesting a refund.

Tax Info
All taxes on the rewards are the sole responsibility of participant. Participant understands that Blink Tees LLC is required by law to issue him/her an Internal Revenue Service 1099 Tax Form for the value of the reward; and participant agrees to fully cooperate with Blink Tees or its representative in this regard, including by providing his/her Social Security Number upon request.

A deposit is required during the order process with the final payment required the order details are finalized between the customer and Blink Tees within 15 business days. Upon request, larger orders may request to break up the payments or extend the final due date of the payment into January 2020.
Once Blink Tees has received the final payment, customer has one calendar year to execute their order.

Reward Specs
The YETI 30oz Rambler is the highest quality travel tumbler we own (and, collectively, we own at least 10 different kinds of travel tumblers). The tumbler will include the Blink Tees logo on it.
The Apple AirPod Pro earbuds are the same ones you could find at Best Buy or on the Apple website.
The Apple iPad Pro is the 11”, 64GB, Wi-Fi capable model. If there’s a color you really want, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll probably just let Jeff pick.
The Bitcoin we buy will be a legitimate Bitcoin — whatever the price may be on the day we buy it. Owning a Bitcoin is really cool — trust us, we own a few hundredths of a Bitcoin ourselves. It will require you to provide a Bitcoin wallet for us to transfer the Bitcoin. (This reward is only available up to the Bitcoin price of $10,000. If the price of Bitcoin exceeds that amount, we’ll send $10,000 cash.)
The Tesla Model 3 includes dual motor all-wheel drive, premium all-black interior, long range with 18” aero wheels, either Pearl White, Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, or Deep Blue Metallic exterior, and all other standard options. MSRP $49,490

Reward Delivery
Order rewards shall be shipped within 30 days after receipt of final payment (we’ll be doing everything we can to get rewards delivered to all paid customers before Christmas). Reward delivery may vary depending on availability (especially stuff like the Tesla which can take 5-7 weeks to order depending on where you live).
Rewards available while supplies last. For example, if AirPod Pros become scarce and we can’t get a hold of a pair for a customer, then we can’t guarantee delivery. Should that type of situation happen, we will work with the customer to find a suitable replacement or delay delivery until we are able to get a hold of the reward.

Splitting Orders
Orders of less than 500 shirts must be a single order (one shirt color, one design). Orders of 500-4,999 shirts may be split into two orders (two different shirt colors or two different designs). Orders of 5,000-29,999 shirts may be split into four orders. Orders of 30,000 shirts may be broken into five orders.

Refunds & Returns
Refunds can be provided to any deposits without penalty. Only partial refunds are available on finalized orders, and a restocking fee may be required if the shirts have gone into production.

It is the responsibility of the customer (and not Blink Tees) to ensure that there are no personal or business conflicts regarding receiving the provided reward.

Cash Payout
A cash payout is available for any customer that wishes to opt-out of receiving their physical reward (though we would really like to give you the stuff). Cash payouts are as follows: 25-99 shirts = $20; 100-499 shirts = $90; 500-4,999 shirts = $450; 5,000-29,999 = $4,500; 30,000+ = $25,000.

Rules subject to change.

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