Printer of T-Shirts (Press Operator)

Location: Hoffman Estates, IL Position Type: Full-time

What you’d do (Responsibilities)

  • Review designs and work orders for completeness, workability and awesomeness
  • Complete the set-ups for double-sided, multiple color and multiple layer apparel printing
  • Operate, monitor and maintain our Anatol VOLT screen printing press to keep it humming along at target speed—be prepared to describe exactly how you’d do that on the job
  • Inspect products constantly, never afraid to make the adjustments and corrections during print runs to maintain register, achieve proper impression, and otherwise ensure absolute consistency and top quality
  • Package completed projects for delivery to delighted client

What you’ve done (Experience & Requirements)

  • Hands-on experience with screen printing equipment. Experience with Printavo software would be a plus but not a requirement (it’s not that tricky to learn)
  • Working knowledge of the inks, substrates, films, adhesives and other trade stuff we use
  • A diploma or GED, minimum—graphic design, commercial design or other arts-related coursework a plus
  • This job requires the ability to differentiate color, stand for most of the day, and lift up to 50 lbs.

Who you are (Soft Skills)

  • Unbridled enthusiasm for the mission, vision and values of Blink Tees
  • Meticulous, picky and discriminating—you don’t get why people think it’s hard to see the needle in the haystack or can’t notice the pea beneath a stack of mattresses
  • Obsessed with efficiency and productivity—you could have been an industrial engineer if it had allowed you to work with inks, create wearable art, or otherwise express your creative side
  • MacGyver-level mechanical aptitude and problem-solving skills—we promise that there will be no bombs to defuse, however; safety first…
  • Seriously: understand how to run a press safely, without hurting yourself or others
  • Generally awesome—care about your community, know how to carry on conversations with people of all backgrounds, have a life outside of work yet understand that occasional overtime may be required as the company continues to grow

Job Application

Job Application

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