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Direct-to-Garment Printing | Blink Tees

Direct-to-Garment Printing

Ordering one custom t-shirt just got a heck of a lot cheaper.


Direct-to-Garment t-shirt printing rules!

Direct-to-Garment printing makes small t-shirt orders WAY more affordable.

Remember that time you had a GREAT idea for a special t-shirt? So you reached out to your local screen printing shop to find out how much it would be to make one custom shirt, and they quoted you something like $50?

That’s because the cost of them making a screen for your design isn’t cheap. But it gets cheaper when that one-time cost is spread across an order of 100 shirts.

But what if there was a machine that just printed the ink right onto a shirt?

GREAT IDEA meet Direct-to-Garment printer.

The Direct-to-Garment printer makes it easy for your design to actually see the light of day — and for a price that won’t be cost-prohibitive.

Whether your idea is for a single shirt or even a handful, it’s no problem. The Direct-to-Garment printer can make your small order, custom t-shirts at an affordable price and in record time.

How Direct-to-Garment Printing Works

Place an Order

Fill out the form below with details about what you’re looking to print, a design (if you have it), and when you’re hoping to have the shirt(s) by.

We Get to Work

Well, it’s mostly the printer doing the work, but we’re glad to take credit. We also need to do some design setup to make sure it works right, plus there’s the whole grabbing the shirt off the printer.

Delivered with a Smile

Okay, we cannot guarantee that your postal worker will be smiling but you should be smiling because your shirt has arrived and it’s perfect!

Let’s do this

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