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Expert custom t-shirt screen printers

Blink Tees is a screen printing company that was founded in 2016 by a couple of friends who love making quality things, helpings others, and fun. We started Blink Tees because we absolutely love what we do. We thoroughly enjoy everything about designing and selling t-shirts.

What makes us different is that we care about our community and surrounding communities as much as our business. Our goal is and always has been to do as much as we can to help others, both individuals and organizations. We have partnered with numerous non-profits, churches, and local municipalities to try and help out as much as we can.

What also sets us apart is that our personalities are unmatched. We truly have fun every day, and we go out of our way to make sure you do as well!

We would love to have a chance to chat with you and help you out with whatever type of gear you are looking for. Whether it’s for you and your friends or family, school, non-profit, company, cause, event, team, or anything else you need, Blink Tees has you covered. Thank you for keeping us in mind!

Meet the Blink Team

Steve Long

Sales // Ideation // Bad Jokes

Steve is kind of a little kid in a big bearded guy’s body. He loves to have fun and gets overly excited about the little things in life. The thing he loves most about #tshirtlife is taking an idea that has been floating around in someone’s head and moving on to the front of their shirt..or back..or sleeve.

Steve hails from Motor City and loves all things Michigan. He is a graduate of Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL.

You can reach him at steve@blinktees.com or by setting up some sort of box + stick + string trap with Costco sausages in it.

Jeff Staten

Production // Design // Warehouse Safety

Jeff has been side-hustling custom apparel since high school, and stores an incredible amount of technical knowledge in the space between his ears. The heralded winner of 2017’s “Most Eligible Bachelor” and 2018’s “Most Likely to Die in a Warehouse Fire,” Jeff loves finding new ways to stretch what is possible in the custom apparel world.

Jeff is a Stevenson High School alumnus and studied at Tribeca Flashpoint in Chicago.

You can reach him at jeff@blinktees.com or by showing up at our building and yelling “Fire Marshall!”

Shannon Frendreis

Production // Doggo Manager // Warehouse Danger

Shannon is a print industry veteran, prolific t-shirt wearer, and essential supporting cast member in Blink’s #tshirtlife adventure. Shannon injects warmth and light into every aspect of Blink’s operation, whether that’s talking a customer through the printing process or holding a hot iron to your forehead while shinning a flashlight in your eyes.

Shannon hails from Streamwood High School and received an AA degree from Harper College.

You can reach her at shannon@blinktees.com or leaving your (adorable) puppy unattended.

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