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Expert custom t-shirt screen printers

Blink Tees is a screen printing company that was founded in 2016 by a couple of friends who love making quality things, helpings others, and fun. We started Blink Tees because we absolutely love what we do. We truly have fun every day, and we go out of our way to make sure you do as well! 

We care about our community and surrounding communities as much as our business. We would love to have a chance to chat with you and help you out with whatever type of gear you are looking for. Whether it’s for you and your friends or family, school, non-profit, company, cause, event, team, or anything else you need, Blink Tees has you covered. 

Meet the Blink Team

Steve Long


 Steve is our educator, ideator, and creator for all things screen printing. With the energy of a golden retriever on the first game of fetch and then patience of a kindergarten teacher on the last day of school, he is the guy that can make friends on a 30 second elevator ride or our client’s ideas come to life in a matter of minutes. 

 You can reach the beauty behind the operation at steve@blinktees.com

Jeff Staten


 A highly decorated veteran of the press, Jeff is the man that engineers the operation. By paying the bills, he keeps the Feds at bay and his can-do attitude is one of an Eagle Scout because…he used to be one.

 You can reach the brains behind the operation at jeff@blinktees.com

Cindy Denton

Account Manager

Cindy gets actual enjoyment – no elation – from talking to people. With conversation skills that make professional journalists look like amateurs, she has no problem creating order out of chaos, making t-shirts feel like gold, or shooting tequila without lime.

You can reach this badass at cindy@blinktees.com

Erik Enervold

Graphic Designer

An expert at pixel pushing, Eric is a proud advocate of meticulousness. Whether it’s hands that deftly illustrate logos, spin drumsticks, or champion Metallica’s James Hetfield into a pit of whack-a-moling despair, Eric’s attention to detail is both mental and physical.

You can reach this badass at erik@blinktees.com

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