Blink Tees offers a wide variety of options when it comes to custom screen printing. Screen printing is the best way to craft high quality custom printed apparel. Our large selection of ink colors and garments makes it possible to bring to life your dreamiest creations. Our expert team is available to make this process simple & enjoyable, and to help those who are not completely sure of what they want. {Learn more about Screen Printing}


There are certain garment selections where screen printing isn’t as ideal, and when this is the case, embroidery is a great alternative. We recommend this method when adding your logo on hats, jackets, polos & backpacks. At Blink Tees, we pride ourselves on creating embroidery that is as durable as it is beautifully done. Pricing is based on stitch count. The bigger that embroidery area, the bigger the price tag.


Designing your own custom screen printed t-shirts for online sales is gratifying and can be very lucrative. Our partner success team is proud to work one-on-one with our customers to provide a place to run an online apparel store for your specific needs. Blink Tees is here to work with you every step of the way.


Have you ever experienced the magic of shirts being printed right in front of your eyes? We hear time and time again it’s a crowd favorite of every event we are a part of. Blink Tees offers a unique exhilarating marketing experience when partnered with your brand that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. We will pack up our mobile shop, garments of your choice and our high quality ink and join you at your event! Customers can choose their garment on the spot and see it printed right in front of their eyes. No hassle for you, we set up and tear down and your attendees get all the excitement!


If you are sending shirts all over the place and you would rather do anything else than package and ship them, we will do it for you! We can even spread the love and bake that fee into the price of the shirts to make things nice and easy. Blink Tees offers folding and bagging and custom inside tags to elevate your branded apparel.


If you are the stick drawing type, and you’re looking for something other than our free design templates, you may benefit from some help from our graphic design team. We have incredible artists that will work with you to get your best ideas from your brain onto fabric. If you already have artwork but it’s not in the right file format, that’s great too. Our graphic designers can help you get that squared away. We charge $40 an hour for the excellent expertise of our extremely talented graphic designers!

If you are just starting your business or even revamping your brand image our graphic designers can work with you to create a logo for your business. We do all the work, you own the rights!


Not only can we screen print all of your clothes, but we have pens, mugs, pins, key chains, and fidget spinners. We have an entire black hole worth of promotional item options! You can be the best booth at the next job fair or make your clients really happy when they open a YETI tumbler with your logo on it for Christmas!